How Digital Transformation is shaping the future of Accounting Software


Accounting Software Company

Based in Dublin, Big Red Cloud is a successful cloud accounting software company. They develop simple, secure and reliable online accounting and desktop payroll software. Whether you’re processing an invoice or making a payment, Big Red Cloud knows how to make day-to-day accounting effortless for small businesses.

Businesses can use their accounting software at a reasonable price of €28 per month. Their local support team work with clients at every step of the way to ensure that the accounts run smoothly. Businesses can also head to their page and sign up for a 30 day free trial.

Digital Transformation Summit, 2019

On 13th June, we are welcoming the CEO of Big Red Cloud, Marc O’Dwyer, to DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit. Marc was the winner of Business All-Stars, CEO Category award in 2018.

At the upcoming event Marc will discuss ‘How Digital Transformation is shaping the future of Accounting Software’. Sharing a brief on the evolution of accounting software and how Big Red Cloud has dealt with the many different changes, Marc will also explain the following:

  • PAYE modernisation, a milestone in the history of Irish payroll ‘Making it Digital’
  • Integration between banks and seamless digital accounting

Marc O’Dwyer defines Digital Transformation as implementation of IT to enhance and streamline processes within a business.

Marc O'Dwyer talks about Accounting Software - Digital Transformation Summit 2019

The 3 key takeaways from his presentation will be:

1) How important it is to run an accounting system in a business

2) How automation is making the laborious task of accounting a whole lot easier and more efficient

3) How accounting suppliers like Big Red Cloud act and move with the times to ensure SME businesses have the technology normally only available for larger companies.


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