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We are welcoming Owen Laverty as a Keynote Presenter at the upcoming event – DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit on 13th June, 2019.

Owen Laverty is the Head of Enterprise and Economics in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. His responsibilities vary from investing in early stage or smaller SMEs, to improving and promoting the economic development of the region.

DLR County Council is one of the four councils in the Dublin region. DLR County Council offer services like Local Enterprise Development, Grant Schemes, DLR Tourism Development, Environment & Climate Change, Planning and many more services in the DLR region.

LEO (Local Enterprise Office) supports the regional businesses primarily through the provision of training, networking opportunities and funding.

Owen tells us “Last year we invested €1.2 million in SMES to support their employment requirements, access export markets, build product and improve their online presence. We have a strong focus on training and delivering relevant programs to our clients to support their development and growth.”

They recently completed a very successful Enterprise Week with over 20 events bringing in the best global speakers on subjects from pricing and selling to mega trends and branding.   

Keynote Presentation at DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit

At the upcoming event on 13th June, 2019, Owen Laverty is a Keynote Speaker.

He explains “ the reason we are partnering with 3XE Digital on this event is to bring attention to the benefits of putting ‘productivity’ at the centre of any business. I’ll aim to excite people about the productivity journey and how to get started in a small way to make a big difference.”

Owen will be highlighting the benefits of placing Productivity at the centre of any business and why is it a key factor to the survival and growth of a business.

Key Points to learn from the presentation

The 3 takeaways that delegates will get from his presentation are:

  1. Putting productivity at the centre of any business is key to survival and growth.
  2. Highlighting the productivity gap between bigger organisations and smaller organisations and how these can be reduced.
  3. How the Local Enterprise Office can support companies looking to become more efficient.


DLR's Digital Transformation Summit 2019

About DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit

DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit is an annual event that focuses on helping small and medium size businesses to grow through Digital Transformation. This year the event will happen on 13th June at Dun Laoghaire’s landmark building – Royal Marine Hotel.

After delivering successful events in the past two years, this will be the 3rd Digital Transformation Summit. It is an ideal event to learn, network and transform your company to meet the demands of the 21st century. This year the theme of the conference is productivity through digitalisation. You will learn how you and your business can be more productive, save time and efficiently utilise resources.

This conference has been designed to assist business leaders, decision makers, startups, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in navigating a successful path to digital success.

DLR Summit will help you to understand how you can continue to transform your business to take advantage of the ever-dynamic digital changes that are effecting Irish and Global economic and social structures.

We have secured some of the most forward thinking online strategists and implementers of digital transformation. If you are going to keep ahead of your competitors, then these are the people that you want to learn from.

View the Keynote Speaker at the event – DLR’s Summit Event Schedule 

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Connect with Owen Laverty:



We learnt that, in the process of Digital Transformation, comes some real business challenges and of course we can’t leave these problems unattended. For that reason, at DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit, not only will you know how to form effective Digital Transformation strategies, you will also learn how to tackle the challenges that come along.

Fergal McHugh is the Head of Strategy at leading Irish performance marketing agency – Arekibo. Headquartered in Dublin, Arekibo has an extended customer portfolio in Ireland, UK and Europe. Their core services range from digital strategy, overall planning to executing large-scale digital programmes with their customers. With Arekibo’s primary focus on online, they cater to digital marketing platforms, lead-generation strategies, investor relations platforms, large corporate websites and customer portals.

Fergal is responsible for overseeing Arekibo’s innovation and growth strategies. He works with the team at Arekibo on their digital strategic approach of, what and how to offer to the market. Working with their key customers, Fergal McHugh advises on efficient methods to shape their digital strategies that will support business growth. Giving a gist of what he does, Fergal says ‘It involves a range of activities from helping customers to understand their costs, developing associated business cases, to promoting digital programmes within the customer’s organisation.’

On 13th June, as a keynote speaker Fergal McHugh will talk about the ‘Real Digital Transformation Business Challenges’. In this presentation Fergal McHugh, will take you through the challenges and most effective solutions for Digital Transformation.

Come to the Digital Transformation Conference, share your challenges and find solutions that will help your business grow.

“The most important principle is getting the balance right between strategic goals and tactical effectiveness. This is not a trade-off, rather it’s a negotiation.” – Fergal McHugh, Head of Strategy, Arekibo


Microsoft has undergone a huge transformation over the last 4 years, not only in the technology where they are a “Cloud First” company, but also a cultural transformation. Andrew Macadam, Customer Success Lead for Microsoft Ireland, will be coming as a keynote speaker at DLR Summit 2018.

At Microsoft Ireland, Andrew Macadam has been given the opportunity to set up a brand new division, that is focused on helping its customers to realise the business value of their investment with Microsoft. As technology is getting complex, Andrew and his team help customers to realise the possibilities of technology, how to deploy it and how to adopt the technology that is critical to true Digital and Business Transformation.

You must come to DLR Digital Transformation Summit on 13th June 2018 to understand from Andrew Macadam how technology is only one aspect of digital transformation and what the opportunity is if you get this right. He will also be focusing on some of the tech trends that will be impacting all our lives, both inside and outside of work.

You can find him on the event schedule here with the presentation title, ”Why should I transform??

Find the schedule – here

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Do you need to expand your digital transformation footprint? Do you need funding and support to do so?

There are a wide range of supports and options available to SME’s to start, plan, develop and expand your digital footprint. Here are a couple of options:

Firstly, the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) supports businesses in the form of grants, loans, mentoring, training, and advice. At the Digital Transformation conference next week, the LEO Head of Enterprise, Owen Laverty, is delivering a workshop entitled Financial Support for Startups and SME’s. This workshop will explain what is available and how to avail these supports.

Secondly, Adrian Mullett, Head of Technology Sector at Bank of Ireland, will be delivering an exciting keynote presentation on ‘Using Debt to Grow your Tech Business’. This is a must see for any business embarking on a digital journey.

As a gold sponsor of the event, Bank of Ireland is subsiding Start Up companies to exhibit at the DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit. If you would like to showcase your company next week, we have a small number of exhibition spaces available (available on a first come, first served basis). Please e-mail: adrian@3xedigital.com


Samantha Kelly is an Irish Twitter Queen, who has carved out a global reputation as a Social Media Strategist. She is also an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Founder of the women’s inspire network which is a global online membership network of female entrepreneurs.

Samantha runs a bespoke social media agency, Tweetinggoddess.com. With more than 45,000 Twitter followers, and being the author of ‘Tweet Your Way to Success’, Samantha Kelly knows how to get your business noticed. She is very well aware of the challenges that business owners face.

At the DLR Summit on 13th June 2018, Samantha Kelly will explain how brands can stay a step ahead of the competition by embracing Digital Transformation, and why social media is a crucial part of this change.

She will be speaking about the power of Twitter, how to turn conversations into conversions and the secret to Twitter success.

In her presentation, Samantha will share tips to help you connect with your ideal audience, increase brand awareness and harness the power of online community to generate real value for your business.

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Know more about Samantha Kelly – here



Liferay makes technology useful – they make it possible for people to reach their potential to serve others.

Liferay is a Global Leader in Digital Experience. We are delighted that Edmund Dueck, Head of Marketing for EMEA at Liferay, is participating at DLR Summit as a keynote speaker.

Edmund leads Liferay’s Marketing and PR efforts in EMEA, being responsible for implementing the marketing strategy in established and upcoming markets. Edmund draws from over 20 years of experience in B2B communications, media production and digital marketing in enterprise and non-profit contexts. He lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

At DLR Summit: Digital Transformation, on 13th June 2018, Edmund Dueck will be giving his keynote presentation on ‘Creating and keeping momentum: Proven principles for exceptional experiences in an ever-changing world

With the global rise of the digital connection economy, the challenge for today’s marketers, and decision-makers overall, is to not just keep up, but to create lasting momentum in order to leap ahead of the competition. This presentation includes proven principles which have the power to create exceptional customer experiences that facilitate customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust.

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“The Twin Tech Earthquakes of 2016”

The quickly-shifting digital landscape can seem intimidating, but Alan Coleman, CEO of Wolfgang Digital, takes a glass-half-full approach. “The digital marketing industry is one of the fastest moving industries and most exciting industries in the world,” he says. “This means every day is different and there are always new opportunities for business growth.”

Focusing on the future, Coleman’s presentation “The Twin Tech Earthquakes of 2016” will examine how the digital sphere is evolving in order to explore the ways in which businesses can best take advantage of major movements in the tech industry. “We’ve a really interesting talk lined up on the two seismic tech events of 2016 and what they mean for our work and lives going forward.”

Attendees will head home prepared to grow their business through the next stages of digital evolution. “We’ll detail the fundamental strategic shift every company needs to make,” Coleman says.

Coleman points to Littlewoods Ireland as an example of excellent digital transformation on the part of an Irish company. “They have migrated from a catalogue-only retailer to an online-only retailer in recent years. They killed the catalogue and have seen phenomenal business growth, leading to them picking up awards in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and the US for their efforts.”

Alan Coleman will be presenting “The Twin Tech Earthquakes of 2016” at DLR Summit, 8 June 2017, at the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire.

DLR Summit


‘Digital Transformation–An Imperative for Irish Business’

Aisling Curtis is the expert when it comes to working in an ever-evolving business landscape. The Commercial Director for Small, Medium Corporate Solutions at Microsoft Ireland sees her role as “creating the right environment for my customers, partners, and teams to be successful.”

In addition to sitting on the Senior Leadership team at Microsoft Ireland, Curtis is a member of the IMI Council and Women’s Inspire. Her career in technology has allowed her many opportunities to both mentor and be a mentee. Curtis’s background is a global as well as an Irish one: she has sat on boards in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Curtis began her career in the financial sector, gaining some work experience before going to university. “I was always interested in technology, which led me to enjoy an exciting international career in Telecommunications with both Irish and global opportunities,” she says. Curtis has experience in leading business, consumer, strategic, and operational teams across both emerging and mature markets. Her involvement in multiple channels across multiple markets has made her a leader in gauging business environments.

Looking forward, Curtis predicts digital as crucial to business success, as the title of her presentation, ‘Digital Transformation–An Imperative for Irish Business’, exemplifies. “We believe Irish businesses must successfully transform their business model in the next two years or risk losing out,” she warns.

“Irish organisations could tap into a $100 trillion market through successful Digital Transformation of their business models by 2020,” she says. This success is dependent on more than simply utilizing emerging digital technologies, however. Curtis advises businesses that are looking to digitally transform implement an all-encompassing digital strategy.

“Digital transformation is not just about the technology alone. It is about fundamental change to business models and processes.” She points to companies such as Laya, IMRO, and Thyssen Krupps as key examples of businesses successfully implementing digital transformation.

Aisling Curtis will be presenting “Digital Transformation–An Imperative for Irish Business” at DLR Summit, 8 June 2017, at the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire.

DLR Summit


‘How to Digitally Transform and Advance Your Business by Collaboration with Irish Research Partners’

Dr. Chris Horn, co-founder, CEO, and chairman of IONA Technologies, is the industry expert on Irish technology development, trends, and business. As an honorary Doctor of Science from Trinity College Dublin and former TCD lecturer in computer science, Dr. Horn is at the forefront of the Irish high-tech debate. His career has been marked by positions that speak to both his interest in the digital revolution as well as a passion for digital development in Ireland.

Dr. Horn holds a degree in Electronic Engineering, as well as a PhD in Computer Science, from Trinity College Dublin. Dr. Horn co-founded the NASDAQ listed IONA Technologies, listed at one time as one of the top ten software companies in the world by revenue.

In addition to his dedicated work with IONA Technologies, Dr. Horn is a noted thought-leader in the Irish digital sphere. With regular opinion contributions to The Irish Times and chairmanships across a number of organizations, including the Irish Management Institute, UNICEF Ireland, the Irish Brain Research Foundation, and The Science Gallery, he continues to work towards an Ireland that is at the cutting edge of global tech development.

Currently, Dr. Horn maintains a partner position of Atlantic Bridge, which parents the University Bridge Fund, an investment organization with funding of €60 million. The University Bridge Fund is dedicated to developing companies “built from research generated at all Irish universities and third level institutions.”

Dr. Horn will present “How to Digitally Transform and Advance Your Business by Collaboration with Irish Research Partners.” Using specific examples of interesting research, all of which is currently being undertaken by the Irish university system and receiving funding, Dr. Horn will explore how this research can disrupt or transform specific business markets. Specifically, Dr. Horn will examine blockchain, data mining and insights, AI interface, and natural language understanding as digital trends with the power to transform the digital landscape in coming years.

Read about Dr. Horn’s latest projects on his recent profile by Irish Tech News.

DLR Summit


‘The Future of Marketing is Traditional and Visual’

Niall Hanlon is no stranger to the power of digital. The Facebook Client Solutions Manager for Retail has been involved in the industry for the past 6 years, working on direct response advertising solutions. Following graduation from Dublin City University with an MSc in E-commerce, Hanlon began his career with the National Digital Research Center in Dublin before moving on to a three-and-a-half-year long journey with Yahoo in Dublin and New York. Since early 2016, Hanlon has been with Facebook in Dublin.

With his extensive background in digital, Hanlon is an authority on moving operations online. “There are many companies all over the world that have successfully implemented digital transformation across all sectors from banking to retail. The list is endless!”

“I work on the omnichannel retail vertical working with the UK’s biggest retailers,” Hanlon says. His work involves making sure advertisers on Facebook make the most out of the company’s best in class advertising solutions.

Hanlon will share his insider information on how these advertising solutions can bolster a business’s marketing campaign at the DLR Summit.

“I would like to highlight how Facebook has developed in the past number of years and how mobile and video are focal points across the Facebook family of apps,” he says. He hopes audiences will head back to the office understanding “Facebook as a medium for delivering great advertising experiences.”

Hanlon will bring examples of the high-standard level of work that can be achieved with Facebook solutions. In addition to taking home inspiration from these examples, Hanlon believes audiences will be able to begin “how to think about planning campaigns for Facebook.”

Niall Hanlon will be presenting “The Future of Marketing is Traditional and Visual” at DLR Summit, 8 June 2017, at the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire.

DLR Summit