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13th June 2019, Royal Marine Hotel
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Phonovation is an award-winning communications software provider. Leading with the values – Innovation, Flexibility, Dependability and Customer Focus, Phonovation has grown over the past 31 years to become Ireland’s largest interactive SMS and voice services company.

We are thrilled to invite the CEO of Phonovation, Gavin Carpenter, to deliver a Keynote Presentation at DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit, on June 13th.

Gavin says ”My job is to ensure that our team has what they need to fulfil the promises to our customers.”

Phonovation has been in the customer communication business since 1988. They are the market leaders in SMS application and send over 200 million SMS per year for Irish Businesses. Gavin says “We also provide FinTech solutions which reduce identity fraud.”

On June 13th, Gavin will give a talk on ‘Lean Outcomes in a Software Company’.

He will speak about their journey from having one product in 2010 which was in decline to having 4 growth products in 2019. From 1988 to 2010 they generated 95% of their revenue from one service but the demand for that service was in decline. They innovated and brought three new services to the market. From 2011 to 2015 they changed the company’s direction but needed a growth model that would allow them to change safely.

Gavin will explain what drove the change in that direction, what model they used, that helped to reduce the risk of change and how others can start their own journey from here and see business growth.

Enterprise Ireland introduced them to LEAN system management. It taught Phonovation how to measure and grow successfully. Phonovation are a LEAN Best Practice company and host Best Practice visits across Europe in conjunction with the EU/Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

The highlights of his presentation will be:

  1. Change is possible but you need a “burning platform” that could be a product in decline which drives innovation or something else.
  2. You can’t do it on your own. You need a guiding principle (like LEAN system management, perhaps) and a guide.
  3. The benefits of cutting waste and constantly trying to improve things will be bigger and more transformational than you can imagine.

Join him and other Business Experts at the DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit in The Royal Marine, Dun Laoghaire on June 13th.

Event Schedule – DLR Summit, 13th June 2019

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