Dún Laoghaire

Digital Transformation, Pavilion Theatre
Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

June 13th 2018
Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire

13th June

DLR Summit

Digital Transformation

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Digital Dún Laoghaire is a Dún Laoghaire Business Improvement District initiative which seeks to create a strong Digital Cluster of companies in and around the town. The goal is that the people involved can create, collaborate, and innovate, while putting Dún Laoghaire on the map as a Ireland’s foremost Digital Town.

DLR Summit is a headline conference on the topic of Digital Transformation.

The conference brings together business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and big thinkers for an amazing day of talks and networking in the Pavilion Theatre in the heart of Dun Laoghaire.

What is DLR Summit?

The main, over-arching theme for the conference is Digital Transformation.

The main areas that we will then be discussing at the conference are all topics that are having a major impact on each and every business. These include:

  • Social Media

  • Data & Analytics

  • Cloud Computing

  • Digital Marketing

This DLR Summit will help you to understand how you can continue to transform your business to take advantage of the ever-dynamic digital changes that are affecting our economic and social structures.

DLR Summit brings together some of the most forward thinking online strategists and implementors of digital transformation. If you are going to keep ahead of your competitors, then these are the people that you want to learn from.

Conference Topics

Social Media

Social Media has enabled the consumer to take control.  As a business owner, you need to respect that change in dynamic and use social networks to your advantage. Long gone are the days when social media was an also-ran.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms are now shaping the way we conduct our business. Your speakers will clearly outline what is possible and how to achieve success through proper planning and implementation of social media strategies.

Data & Analytics

Learn to navigate the minefield, that is Data & Analytics. With so many metrics available, how do you decide which are the important ones? We have some industry leaders in Big Data and Analytics speaking, and showing how you can use, this sometimes, mind boggling field to attract new customers, improve performance and grow your business.

Cloud Computing

Servers are moving to the cloud and 21st century business activity is in the cloud. But, what does that mean? It is most likely that your personal and business digital profiles are stored in the cloud – your files, documents, music, movies, and yes, even your selfies are in cyberspace. We help you to underrstand what this means for you and your business.

Digital Marketing

In a space that shifts so quickly, keeping your customer engaged and coming back is crucial. How do you reach out to customers as they continue turn away from the more traditional forms of advertising? When Facebook, Snapchat, Google etc are constantly changing the ways to reach your audience it’s crucial to stay relevant or get left behind. Our Digital Marketing experts will help you navigate upcoming trends, build an audience that’s relevant and create content that keep them coming back for more.

Why Should I Go?

Throughout the day they’re be plenty of opportunity to network with peers and business leaders, decision makers, agencies to understand and learn about new ways of doing business. It allows you to promote your latest products and offerings, raise your profile among industry leaders, and learn how to transform your business.

We have invited a truly amazing line up of speakers and sponsors that are some the leaders in their sector, helping you to shape your own business for the coming years.

And if all that’s not enough, located on the Dún Laoghaire seafront over looking the Harbour, and Dublin Bay, DLR Summit will definitely be the most scenic tech event this year.


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