Introducing the Intelligent Workplace Platform with LiveTiles


LiveTiles is a global team of technologists who are reshaping the way people interact with technology. With intelligent enterprise solutions and design, they are helping companies around the world.

It is a New York-based company that offers cloud-based workplace software for the commercial, government and education markets. LiveTiles bring user-friendly technology to companies of all sizes. They provide technology that helps people work better, ranging from employee portals all the way to chatbots.

Alex Lustig is a Pre-Sales Specialist at LiveTiles. Originally from New Jersey (USA), Alex currently lives and works in Sligo. He explains “We have customers ranging from companies of fifteen people all the way up to Pepsi, many of whom want to democratize technology and create a less centralised control over it.”

Alex works with their clients throughout the sales cycle to show the value of their products and address the customer’s needs. We are delighted to invite Alex to conduct a workshop at the Digital Transformation Summit on 13th June.


Alex Lustig from LiveTiles at DLR's Digital Transformation Summit

He will provide thorough understanding on the topic ‘Introducing the Intelligent Workplace Platform Alex tells “my presentation at the Digital Transformation Summit will be all about creating an intelligent workplace. We provide technology that allows non-developers like myself to create engaging employee experiences. We plan to give a high-level overview of our products and show how they all link together to create an intelligent workplace”

Highlights of the presentation:

  • The intelligent transformation is upon us and now is the time to adapt new and cutting-edge technology.
  • LiveTiles provides an intelligent workplace solution that can be easily modified, managed and maintained.
  • Embracing digital transformation leads to greater employee engagement and more productive employees.

Find the Event Details here – DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit

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