Digitally Transforming with Microsoft Ireland


Microsoft has undergone a huge transformation over the last 4 years, not only in the technology where they are a “Cloud First” company, but also a cultural transformation. Andrew Macadam, Customer Success Lead for Microsoft Ireland, will be coming as a keynote speaker at DLR Summit 2018.

At Microsoft Ireland, Andrew Macadam has been given the opportunity to set up a brand new division, that is focused on helping its customers to realise the business value of their investment with Microsoft. As technology is getting complex, Andrew and his team help customers to realise the possibilities of technology, how to deploy it and how to adopt the technology that is critical to true Digital and Business Transformation.

You must come to DLR Digital Transformation Summit on 13th June 2018 to understand from Andrew Macadam how technology is only one aspect of digital transformation and what the opportunity is if you get this right. He will also be focusing on some of the tech trends that will be impacting all our lives, both inside and outside of work.

You can find him on the event schedule here with the presentation title, ”Why should I transform??

Find the schedule – here

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