The Power of Twitter by the Tweeting Goddess


Samantha Kelly is an Irish Twitter Queen, who has carved out a global reputation as a Social Media Strategist. She is also an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Founder of the women’s inspire network which is a global online membership network of female entrepreneurs.

Samantha runs a bespoke social media agency, With more than 45,000 Twitter followers, and being the author of ‘Tweet Your Way to Success’, Samantha Kelly knows how to get your business noticed. She is very well aware of the challenges that business owners face.

At the DLR Summit on 13th June 2018, Samantha Kelly will explain how brands can stay a step ahead of the competition by embracing Digital Transformation, and why social media is a crucial part of this change.

She will be speaking about the power of Twitter, how to turn conversations into conversions and the secret to Twitter success.

In her presentation, Samantha will share tips to help you connect with your ideal audience, increase brand awareness and harness the power of online community to generate real value for your business.

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