Real Digital Transformation Business Challenges


We learnt that, in the process of Digital Transformation, comes some real business challenges and of course we can’t leave these problems unattended. For that reason, at DLR’s Digital Transformation Summit, not only will you know how to form effective Digital Transformation strategies, you will also learn how to tackle the challenges that come along.

Fergal McHugh is the Head of Strategy at leading Irish performance marketing agency – Arekibo. Headquartered in Dublin, Arekibo has an extended customer portfolio in Ireland, UK and Europe. Their core services range from digital strategy, overall planning to executing large-scale digital programmes with their customers. With Arekibo’s primary focus on online, they cater to digital marketing platforms, lead-generation strategies, investor relations platforms, large corporate websites and customer portals.

Fergal is responsible for overseeing Arekibo’s innovation and growth strategies. He works with the team at Arekibo on their digital strategic approach of, what and how to offer to the market. Working with their key customers, Fergal McHugh advises on efficient methods to shape their digital strategies that will support business growth. Giving a gist of what he does, Fergal says ‘It involves a range of activities from helping customers to understand their costs, developing associated business cases, to promoting digital programmes within the customer’s organisation.’

On 13th June, as a keynote speaker Fergal McHugh will talk about the ‘Real Digital Transformation Business Challenges’. In this presentation Fergal McHugh, will take you through the challenges and most effective solutions for Digital Transformation.

Come to the Digital Transformation Conference, share your challenges and find solutions that will help your business grow.

“The most important principle is getting the balance right between strategic goals and tactical effectiveness. This is not a trade-off, rather it’s a negotiation.” – Fergal McHugh, Head of Strategy, Arekibo