Digital Transformation Summit

13th June 2019


Below is the Agenda for the Digital Transformation Summit on 13th June in Dublin, Ireland. As promised, we have an amazing line-up of outstanding speakers, who will share their knowledge and expertise to help you to digitally transform your business. The agenda, also allows for you to meet and greet your peers with plenty of networking opportunities built in throughout the day. >> Agenda is subject to change <<

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Anthony Quigley

Opening Remarks

Your chairman for the conference, Anthony Quigley, will open the conference and introduce the agenda and topics for the day.

Owen Laverty, Head of Enterprise & Economics @ DLR Co Co

Putting Productivity at the Centre of your Business

Owen will speak about the benefits of putting productivity at the centre of any business. He’ll aim to excite people about their productivity journey and how getting it started even in a small way can make a big difference.

Owen’s Keynote will cover the following:

Putting productivity at the centre of any business is key to survival and growth

Highlighting the productivity gaps between bigger organisations and smaller organisations and how these can be reduced

How the Local Enterprise Office can support companies looking to become more efficient

Joanne Hession, Founder of LIFT

Leading Ireland’s Future Together

LIFT Ireland, which stands for ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’, was founded in 2017 by siblings Joanne and David Hession along with Sonya Lennon of Dress for Success Dublin. LIFT Ireland was built on a desire to change the country for the better by changing the way people view leadership. Leadership is not limited to a select few. Everyone can become a leader in their own way. LIFT Ireland wants to create a nation of leaders by first teaching positive leadership values and then encouraging participants to adopt those values in their daily lives. LIFT Ireland believes that the more people ‘living LIFT’, the better it is for our country’s future.

Steve Halpin founder of ETAC Limited

Lean Thinking to improve competitiveness

Take a look at your operation from a ‘lean’ perspective. It may change the way you think about your business.

ETAC was established in 2006 to bring automated solutions to organisations weighed down with mountains of paperwork. Their idea was to bring workflow tracking from their electronics background to new sectors, starting with medical devices.

Gavin Carpenter, CEO @ Phonovation

Lean Outcomes in a Software Company

Phonovation was founded in 1988. From 1988 to 2010 they generated 95% of their revenue from one service but the demand for that service was in decline. They innovated and brought three new services to the market. From 2011 to 2015 they changed the company’s direction but needed a growth model that would allow them to change safely. Enterprise Ireland introduced them to LEAN system management. It taught Phonovation how to measure and grow successfully. Phonovation are a LEAN Best Practice company and host Best Practice visits from across Europe in conjunction with the EU/Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

David Curtin, CEO @ .ie Domain Registry

How digital transformation can improve productivity in the sales function.

According to IEDR research, micro-business owners and SMEs are adopting digital productivity tools in many parts of their businesses, however they still haven’t fully adopted the potential of e-commerce and digitalised the sales process. David Curtin will examine the reasons why and discuss improvements that can be made.

Moderator TBC

Panel Discussion

Each of the presenters will now take part in a panel discussion. This is also a time for the audience to take part, contribute to the discussion and ask questions of the experts.


Coffee Break

Time for the caffeine booster! Yippie!

Abodoo, Louise O’Conor, Chief Digital Officer
Speaker Details

Louise O’Conor, Chief Digital Officer

What is digital transformation and how does it drive business growth?

With almost two decades experience digitally transforming and scaling businesses, from startups to multi-nationals internationally, Louise shares her experience on navigating digital transformation across multiple industries, how they’ve been disrupted, how it can drive and support growth, and what leaders should be preparing for in order to embrace the future of work.


Marc O’Dwyer, CEO of Big Red Cloud

How digital transformation is shaping the future of Accounting Software

– Brief history on the evolution of accounting software

– How Big Red Cloud/Book has dealt with the many changes

– PAYE modernisation a milestone in the history of Irish payroll “making it Digital”

– AI, integration between banks and seamless digital accounting

Ed Melvin, Head of Strategy @ Publicis

Digital transformation through better conversations

Our “Problems Reimagined” framework, is a strategic process, which gets the right people in the room, to unearth, articulate and agree on the problem this is actually the real problem in digital transformation – because most problems are people problems, and that’s why most IT projects fail – the hard part is stakeholder management / involvement / motivation. Ed will explore this and demonstrate solutions for your company.

Andrew Fulton, Managing Director @ Dawson Andrews

The business case behind digital transformation investments, how they were measured, and the value they drove

Andrew Fulton of Dawson Andrews unpacks an investors approach to digital transformation. Using real case studies he will be unpacking the business case behind digital transformation investments, how they were measured, and the value they drove.

This talk is for executive positions looking to drive business growth through investing in digital transformation. It will outline a framework and approach proven to achieve sign off on multi million euro budgets internally within organisations in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Orla Power, Senior Marketing Leader @ Asana

‘Business Without Borders’ – Digital business isn’t coming. It’s here.

Customers now expect contextualised service, with goods and services being delivered in the way they want, when they want it and where they want it. As more things are connected, more businesses need to work together in increasingly complex ecosystems to deliver against customer needs.

Virtual teams are the new normal, with remote workers, freelancers and employees working across different working hours to deliver what the business needs. Stitching these dynamic teams together and keeping them engaged in order to deliver innovation and a competitive edge is challenging. Ironically, the more dynamic and agile a business is, the harder it can be to maintain collaborative efforts and ensure continuous value creation.

So how can digital enterprises manage their businesses across geographies, partner networks, and distributed workforces?

This talk will focus on the people side of digital business, on ‘collaboration and employees’ and will look at the ‘the problem of people’ and ‘employee experience (EX)’. It will explain how to maximise the benefits of collaboration internally within the organisation with examples of businesses that are successfully doing it today.


Panel Discussion

Each of the presenters will now take part in a panel discussion. This is also a time for the audience to take part, contribute to the discussion and ask questions of the experts.

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We want to ensure that you get the very most from your attendance at the DLR Summit, so we have included a number of practical workshops. During the presentations, you will find out “what’s possible” using digital technologies. During the afternoon, you have a range of workshops to choose from. These workshops are all designed to provide you with “how to” know-how. The facilitators will take you behind the hype and show you how to actually implement certain aspects of digital transformation learnings. The workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put your new-found marketing knowledge to use. You can choose to attend 2 of these workshops from the options below. Of course, your colleagues may elect to attend different workshops and you can compare notes afterwards. Each workshop is 35 minutes long. Choose from 2 of the following list.

Workshop #1
Alex Lustig, Livetiles

Introducing the Intelligent Workplace Platform

LiveTiles award-winning AI-powered intranet solution has been designed with three principles in mind: make it about people, make it intelligent, make it simple. The Intelligent Workplace Platform workshop will look at addressing common business problems and guiding your organisation to integrate and use intuitive design tools, smarter analytics, productivity boosters and bot assistants.

Workshop #2
Cameron Stewart, Director of Strategy @ Dawson Andrews

Mindfulness; Digital transformation will burn us all out if we’re not mindful

With digital efficiency at an all time high it has come at a very measurable human cost of stress, anxiety and chronic distraction. Cameron Stewart of Dawson Andrews will be unpacking the response SAP, Adobe, Linkedin and Google have made globally to counteract the digital effects on our workforces through mindfulness training. It’s tempting to dismiss mindfulness as magical thinking—until you connect it to the hard science and ROI underpinning its success inside organizations.

As technology becomes more powerful, organisations are upgrading the mental resilience of their staff. Building a mental strength of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and the ability to monitor and adjust behaviour to achieve particular outcomes is essential in a top-performing organisation.

Workshop #3
Conor Kearney, Jetbooks

Automate your Accounting Function

– How costly are manual processes to your business?

– How to automate your manual processes without hiring new staff.

– Three softwares that will save you money over-night.

– How to set your accounting up so that it scales with your business.

Greg Fry, Founder and CEO at Content Plan

Improve your social media productivity

An International Social Media trainer delivering regular LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ and Social Business Strategy training and workshops for institutions such as the Digital Marketing Institute, Sure Skills and the Digital Skills Academy.

Greg has worked with top multinationals including: Ulster Bank, Vodafone, Microsoft, Symantec, UPC, Abbott Labs and Coca Cola Hellenic.


Sebastian Boppert, Head of European Communication, Eventbrite

How to get bums on seats and save time and resources doing it

Sebastian Boppert is Head of European Communication at Eventbrite, a global ticketing and event technology platform. He is convinced that events play an increasingly important role in a company’s marketing mix, especially in today’s experience economy. His talk will focus on how events can be produced, promoted, and analysed much more efficiently thanks to modern digital tools.

Rob Farrell, Digital Marketing Trainer

Creating a content eco-system to generate prospects and serve customers

Rob will discuss how organisations like HubSpot create a content ecosystem to attract visitors to their website, engage/build trust, convert them into customers and provide resources allowing customers to self serve thus reduce their inbound queries. In this way, content can also be used to train staff and build brand eminence. This approach goes well beyond a marketing approach to generate site traffic and see content as a means of cost reduction and organisational efficiency.

Viv Maguire, Digital Transformation Consultant @ Ibec

What can Digital Transformation do for your business?

Viv has extensive experience launching global digital campaigns and developing new business divisions for local and international agencies covering a full spectrum of B2B & B2C industries for clients including: AMEX, HongKongBank, The Economist, Huawei, The Conrad Hotel Group, 3 Mobile, KFC, and Pfizer to name a few.

Her presentation will demonstrate the importance of Digital Transformation and what to do / what not to do in process. She will cover the following areas

1. DT needs to be in your agenda

2. It’s not about technology – it’s about people/culture

3. Key elements to implement your DT programme

Anthony Quigley

Final Q&A and Closing Remarks

If you don’t ask now, the answer is always no!


DLR Summit: Digital Transformation

The 3rd Digital Transformation Summit will focus this year on increasing your company’s productivity through digital transformation. During the day we will explore how companies can save time and resources, improve customer service, improve your digital marketing strategy and increase revenue. This year we also have a number of experts in LEAN business practices, which will help you provide more value for customers, increase your productivity and competitiveness.


Getting to DLR

The Royal Marine is located 1 minute from Dún Laoghaire Dart Station and Bus Terminus. Most Car Parks only charge €6 for the day.

Getting Here



Meet the amazing speakers we’ve got lined up for the first DLR Summit: Digital Transformation on the 13th June in Royal Marine, Hotel.

Meet the speakers


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