Speaker Profile: Aisling Curtis


‘Digital Transformation–An Imperative for Irish Business’

Aisling Curtis is the expert when it comes to working in an ever-evolving business landscape. The Commercial Director for Small, Medium Corporate Solutions at Microsoft Ireland sees her role as “creating the right environment for my customers, partners, and teams to be successful.”

In addition to sitting on the Senior Leadership team at Microsoft Ireland, Curtis is a member of the IMI Council and Women’s Inspire. Her career in technology has allowed her many opportunities to both mentor and be a mentee. Curtis’s background is a global as well as an Irish one: she has sat on boards in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Curtis began her career in the financial sector, gaining some work experience before going to university. “I was always interested in technology, which led me to enjoy an exciting international career in Telecommunications with both Irish and global opportunities,” she says. Curtis has experience in leading business, consumer, strategic, and operational teams across both emerging and mature markets. Her involvement in multiple channels across multiple markets has made her a leader in gauging business environments.

Looking forward, Curtis predicts digital as crucial to business success, as the title of her presentation, ‘Digital Transformation–An Imperative for Irish Business’, exemplifies. “We believe Irish businesses must successfully transform their business model in the next two years or risk losing out,” she warns.

“Irish organisations could tap into a $100 trillion market through successful Digital Transformation of their business models by 2020,” she says. This success is dependent on more than simply utilizing emerging digital technologies, however. Curtis advises businesses that are looking to digitally transform implement an all-encompassing digital strategy.

“Digital transformation is not just about the technology alone. It is about fundamental change to business models and processes.” She points to companies such as Laya, IMRO, and Thyssen Krupps as key examples of businesses successfully implementing digital transformation.

Aisling Curtis will be presenting “Digital Transformation–An Imperative for Irish Business” at DLR Summit, 8 June 2017, at the Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire.

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