Dún Laoghaire, June 13th 2018

Digital Transformation

Director of Technology & Innovation at Harbour Innovation Campus

Ken Finnegan

Ken Finnegan has recently joined the Harbour Innovation Campus as Director of Technology and Innovation. The campus will leverage Ireland’s capability in areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual Reality, data analytics, the internet of things, 5G and blockchain to facilitate and help companies co-innovate and co-create solutions in application areas such as FinTech, MarineTech, AgriFoodTech, CommTech, Smart Cities and Energy. The Harbour Innovation Campus will be home to up-to 1000 innovators and numerous companies, harnessing national strengths to enable companies to expedite new solutions.

Ken was previously Chief Technologist with IDA Ireland where he supported industrial growth and the creation of jobs. While in IDA Ken was responsible in creating National Value Propositions for Ireland in Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Cyber Security and Software Engineering.