Dún Laoghaire, June 8th 2017

Digital Transformation

Founder of Natural Born Feeders

Roz Purcell

Roz is one of Ireland’s most successful models and the 2010 winner of Miss Universe Ireland. Roz is no stranger to live audiences, she won Celebrity Come dine with Me (Ireland) in 2012, The Restaurant In 2015 and regularly appears on TV3’s Xpose

As well as a stellar career as Ireland’s top model, Roz is a successful actress, chef, writer, blogger and charity worker. She has successfully used social media to drive her business, Natural Born Feeder, which began in 2013. Roz has used the power of the internet to document her love for cooking, share her recipes and, as a result, her business has built up momentum very quickly. Many of her followers on social media will have already seen her mouth-watering dishes which embrace wholesome food and clean, natural ingredients.

Roz will explain how she has used social media to drive her career forward, providing insights to delegates on how they can apply these same techniques in their own business.